Seller Application (Beta Version)

Hello, This is 'LABELABLE'
Online platform that allow fashion designers from 

around the world to connect and expand the market with Korean Shoppers

No language problem
No difficult payment
Just focus on what you do best, deliver the best designs.
and let us be your Answer!


1️. Required documents for Seller Application :
- Copy of Business registration or Owner's passport copy
- Copy of Bank Account in English, must be the same name as above
*Payment will be transferring from KRW to USD

(Exchange rate may vary)

2️. Required of Products and Material :
- Product at least 5 designs up to 15 designs during the period of contract
- Each product design must be prepare at least 7-10 pieces
- Sample Product for Marketing and Photoshoot usage
- Product images at least 10 of different variety
- Extra piece must be provide in case of promotion through KOL/Influencer
( Exception may be allowed on case by case scenario )

2nd batch seller's condition

1️. Period : 6 months contract
( Cancelation of the contract must be notify within 30days )

2️. Design must not be plagiarized (No 3rd party reseller)

3️. All original provided images must be consent to use of image (Permission to reproduce images)

4️. Commission Fee will be charge 30%

5️. Seller agree to not participate in any competitive or related platform/store in South Korea for at least 1 year after the end of contract

6️. Request of returning the product can be make after the period ended.
( Exception may be allowed on case by case scenario )

ติดต่อ Ariya : Add Line (phone no) +82 01045466556

Tell us about you brand on our easy sign up form below and our partner
support team will be in touch to help you get started.

Thank you for you Application
Looking forward for our partnership soon 

Labelable Multi-Brand Store

Allow shoppers in Korea to easily shop brands from around the world.

with a comprehensive online platform that will provide services on both the website and the mobile app

(And maybe developed to open an offline store in the future)

Why 'Labelable'?

Because the Korean fashion market growing bigger every year. Especially online market

Making Korea is one of the country where new brands have the opportunity to grow faster without difficulty.

But with the legal restrictions and regulations in Korean investment,

small to medium brands will find it difficult to directly penetrate the Korean market.

And because of the domestic logistics in Korea is very fast, many brands that choose to use Worldwide Shipping to Korean customers, will find it hard to compete with brands that have chosen to open branches in Korea, which can be delivered fast Shipping.

Labelable Inc. has developed a platform that meets the needs.

Both sellers want to open to the new market without high investing or go through a lot of paperwork.

And shoppers in Korea who want to shop for brands from around the world easily and pay through the Korean system then get items quickly.

What are we looking for?

We look for partners who are diverse. not focusing on any typical style

Because we focus on creating Fashion Community that will offer new trends and styles to the Korean market

What we mainly focus on is Product quality and affordable price

Steps to join '2nd batch sellers'

1. Application

1.1 Fill out the information to join us in the above form

1.2 Wait for the contact via email and send it back with attached documents

2. Upload the products you want to send for sale and details into the form. (There will be a link)

3. The marketing team of Labelable will select and confirm suitable products for sale on our platform

4. Brand ships their product to Korea. (Logistic may has several options, depending on the agreement)

5. When your product pass QC process ,it will be uploaded to the website.

6. Brands will receive a report and receive money transfers every 60 days.

*During the contract, Brands can upload or add new products at any time through steps 2-5*.

What do we provide? ( for 2nd batch sellers )

- Korean marketing team that will help in planning the product or production to meet the needs of customers

Seller doesn't have to send the whole collection but can send only designs with potential that will make the hit in Korean market.

- Warehouse area for stock, clean, safe, dust-free

Located in the heart of the city near Gangnam Square, making it possible to deliver products quickly.

Using domestic logistic services to customers in Korea with CJ logistics, fast and safe.

- Promote products through various media in Korean with the help of the Korean team.

(Labelable will also promoted your brand through our media and run advertisements as well.)

- Service contact and help to promote products through KOL/Influencer in Korea

- Marketing Data report / sales reports to improve and plan for future product development

- Campaign Photoshoot promoted by a Korean team in order to reach the Korean customers well

* Labelable campaigns will be shoot every season. The platform launching campaign will take place during October 25-30.

We would like to ask for a cooperation, Seller may have to send a sample product to be photographed in advance.

Fees & Charges? ( for 2nd batch sellers )

- Labelable commission : 30% 

- For the first 15 participating brands

Free Membership & Free stock space for 6 months


BUSINESS LICENSE : 415-88-01946


ADDRESS : 서울특별시 강남구 역삼로 140 (역삼동) - 410호

PHONE :  010. 7462. 0955

MAIL-ORDER LICENSE : 2021-서울강남-06006 호



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